Saturday, May 30, 2009

I've never had a bird feeder before, but this year I bought one and hung it in a tree where I could see it from the windows in my sewing room. It took a couple of days for the birds to find it, but then I started noticed a lot of sparrows, chickadees, robins, and blue jays stopping by for something to eat. After a week or so, though, it seemed like the birdseed was disappearing awfully fast. I'd fill up the birdfeeder and it would be empty by the next evening. Then one afternoon I happened to catch this little guy in the act of raiding my birdfeeder, so I had to grab my camera and take some pictures.

I guess if a squirrel is desperate enough to hang upside down from a birdfeeder, then he deserves a I'll just keep feeding the birds AND the squirrels!


Lauri {Scrap Attack} said...

Oh that's hilarious! Great pictures and I love the papers that you used with them.

Brenda said...

I catch mine all the time in the bird feeder and I have a feeder just for them today one was in my bird bath getting a drink tryed to get a pic but the dogs scared him off.........LOVE your work!!!