Thursday, September 8, 2011

Update your stash with Practical Scrappers!

Practical Scrappers is starting a new feature on updating your stash.  This week we're focusing on finding new ways to use your old flat flowers.  I have a lot of the old Prima paper flowers in my stash, so I was inspired to find new ways to use them.  On my scrapbook page, I took several of the tiny flowers and stitched them to the top of a border punched strip, for a cute casual page accent.

For the "roses" on the two cards, I started with three flat Prima flowers.  Mine were all the same size, just different shades, but you could also use flowers in staggered sizes.  I took the lightest color flower, put a mini glue dot in the center, then just smushed it around the end of a paintbrush to get the tight flower center.  I added a mini glue dot to the middle of the second flower, placed the first one on top, and then squeezed the two together.  I did the same thing with the third flower, and then unfolded them just a little to get the roses.  On some of them I added a little pearl center.  
We'd love to see your ideas for updating your flower stash!

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