Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scrapping Travel Preparations @ Get It Scrapped

Most of us have scrapped pages about trips we've taken, whether they were day trips or two week vacations, but have you ever thought about scrapping your travel preparations?  That's the emphasis today at Get It Scrapped, and it gives a whole different perspective on traveling!

For my page, I focused on all the planning that goes into our motorcycle trips.  DH does most of the planning and he pours over maps and books and websites for weeks ahead of time to find the most scenic routes, best places to eat, and most interesting stops along the way.   I staged a couple of photos just to show some of the most-used planning tools:  atlas, books, weather apps and GPS.
Be sure to check out the other DT projects at Get It Scrapped.  I hope it inspires you to scrap some of your travel planning!